Council of Royal and Select Masons

ROYAL SELECT MASONS – Caruss Council #62

The Council of Royal and Select Masons known as “Cryptic Masonry” , “Cryptic Council” , or “Purple Lodge”

Petition for the Cryptic Degrees of Masonry requires Completion of your degrees in Symbolic Masonry (Blue Lodge) and Completion of your Capitular Degrees in Masonry (Royal Arch), and must be in good standing with both their Blue Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter.

This will Complete your education in Ancient Craft Masonry.


We meet the 2nd Tuesday after the Royal Arch Masons in the months of March through December.

Royal and Select Degrees

  • Royal Master
  • Select Master
  • Super Excellent Master


Thrice Illustrious Master:
Tim Hines

Chris Chamberlain
[email protected]
(517) 507-8715

Who we are

The cryptic Rite Is the completion of a story. It is the story of the preservation of a word.

  • Symbolic Freemasonry treats of the loss of a Word.
  • Royal Arch Masonry treats of it’s discovery.
  • Cryptic Masonry teaches of it’s preservation, and completes the story of Ancient Craft Masonry.

Those who have assumed the council obligation, have done so because they were interested in the complete story of Freemasonry. The Cryptic Rite derives it’s claim to the word “Cryptic” because of the Royal and Select Master is in the underground Crypt beneath the Solomonic Temple. The word Cryptic means hidden, hence it’s use in describing these degrees.

Why Become a Mason ?​

Masonry offers the opportunity to make each man better through its teachings, his Masonic associations and a philosophy that has served the social needs of men for centuries, by promoting … [click here for more]

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