Free and Accepted Masons (Freemasons)

Masonry is a Fraternity for men, our members believe in helping others, respecting other, and growing as individuals. The group in Grand Ledge is over 120 members strong with 20-30 active members and has been serving the G.L. Commmunity for 150 years!

Three Degrees

We have three degrees that our members complete in order to join.

  1. Entered Apprentice
    Just as any trade, you begin as an apprentice or, as we call it, an entered apprentice. As an entered apprentice you will learn how the Lodge works, what is required to progress and other important information.
  2. Fellow Craft
    The fellow craft degree focuses on increasing your knowledge of the systems of the Lodge.
  3. Master Mason
    Once you complete the Fellow Craft degree, you are eligible to be raised to the degree of Master Mason.

Each of these degrees teaches timeless lessons of morality, brotherly love, and charity. These degrees are conducted in the Lodge. No “hazing” of any kind takes place at any time.

Regular Meetings

All Lodges have regularly scheduled meetings each month at which time the business of the Lodge is conducted, correspondence is read, reports are given, and issues are decided upon by the membership. Our Lodge meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 pm. If you are interested in learning more or joining, please:

  • Visit us before any of our regular meetings. We typically meet for a little networking and an informal lodge dinner at 6:30 on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Email us at [email protected] if you’d like to find out more or if you have any questions.

Why Become a Mason ?​

Masonry offers the opportunity to make each man better through its teachings, his Masonic associations and a philosophy that has served the social needs of men for centuries, by promoting … [click here for more]

Pasty Sales

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