Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Hall area set up for the meal.
Hall area set up for the meal.

photoFor the past five years the lodge has been the location for the community Thanksgiving Day meal. This year they served around 700 meals at no cost to anyone that wanted or needed a meal. People could just show up and have a place to have a nice meal. We have everyone from college kids to older people that have their families far away and just wanted to be able to have a thanksgiving meal without needing to cook a large dinner for only a couple people.

The dinner is put on in Grand Ledge by an army of volunteers. Numerous churches are involved in the effort. Many cook the turkeys in their church kitchens and then transport them down to the lodge for the serving. This year there were 32 turkeys cooked and prepared for the meal.

photo-1I can’t begin to thank all of those that helped with the dinner. Mike and Sherri were there all day. It is a great honor that we get to use our hall to support such an event in our community. I wish I could list everyone that was a supporter of the dinner but at this time I don’t have the information on that. We were presented with a certificate of appreciation that I will show in lodge this coming Wednesday.

Thanks again!

Pasty Sales

Typically held on the third Friday of each month. One full pound of heavenly pasty goodness!