Helping out our Potterville Brothers, Building Beds for Children

Today we helped out our Potterville Brothers stock a food pantry, and built beds for children. Worshipful Master Aaron Malcolm, Bros. Eric Brugman, Bill Carney, and Mike Beck PM helped out our brothers from the Potterville Lodge at a breakfast fundraiser for the Pottervile Food Bank during the Gizzardfest on June 12. Brother John Kmetz […]

A&W Dinner Fundraiser

This is a bit late but I almost forgot to mention.  The lodge teamed up with the Grand Ledge A&W in April to hold a fundraiser for the Lansing Food Bank.  We did the advertising and A&W did the cooking.  All it took was people to come in and order a spaghetti dinner and they […]

Yankee Doodle Days 2014

Another year is in the books for Grand Ledge Yankee Doodle Days and for us at the Masonic Lodge in Grand Ledge.  For the past few years we have been asked to provide the food at the beer tent here in town.  So as usual we set up our booth in the back of the […]

Masonic Lodge and Star Work Together

Well we finally did it. The lodge and star had our first pasty dinner together. As the lodge we needed more worker and the star was looking for a fundraiser. I can only say from my point of view from being in the kitchen, it ran so much smoother this time. I think this is […]