Royal Arch Masons & Royal and Select Masons

ROYAL ARCH MASONS – Grand Ledge Chapter #85


Grand Ledge Chapter #85 meets at the Grand Ledge Masonic Temple (200 River St. Grand Ledge, Michigan) on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM.


Royal Arch Masonry is not a religion and does not endeavor to fix ones conception of God. Royal Arch Masonry regards your religious beliefs as your own. It does not attempt to influence your belief, it only asks that you have a belief.

Membership / Degrees:

The Chapter, as present in Michigan, consists of four beautiful degrees:

  • Mark Master
  • Past Master
  • Most Excellent Master
  • Royal Arch Degree

Membership is gained by the presentation of ritual through degrees, as described above, the degrees are more important in regard to the Meaning of the ritual than the wording thereof.


High Priest
Chris Potts

Chris Chamberlain
[email protected]
(517) 204-2223


ROYAL SELECT MASONS – Caruss Council #62


Thrice Illustrious Master:
Chris Potts

Chris Chamberlain
[email protected]
(517) 204-2223


We Meet the 2nd Tuesday after the Royal Arch Masons in the months of April, May, June, September, November and December.

Who we are

The cryptic Rite Is the completion of a story. It is the story of the preservation of a word.

  • Symbolic Freemasonry treats of the loss of a Word.
  • Royal Arch Masonry treats of it’s discovery.
  • Cryptic Masonry teaches of it’s preservation, and completes the story of Ancient Craft Masonry.

Those who have assumed the council obligation, have done so because they were interested in the complete story of Freemasonry. The Cryptic Rite derives it’s claim to the word “Cryptic” because of the Royal and Select Master is in the underground Crypt beneath the Solomonic Temple. The word Cryptic means hidden, hence it’s use in describing these degrees.

Pasty Dinners

Typically held on the third Friday of each month. One full pound of heavenly pasty goodness!