Great Pasty Dinner

So its been a while since I have been able to post and figured I would get back at it. Between going to military schools, work and computer issues I finally have some much needed free time to be able to get back at this.

To start off I just wanted to say thanks to all of those that helped with the pasty dinner this last Friday. We finally broke the $1000 mark that I wanted as WM. Not only that but we completely sold out of all the pasties we made that day for the dinner. I believe the number was around 151 pasties were made. We sold out of beef pasties first and we had people in line to buy and when we told them we were out of beef they left. Then we ran out of to go boxes and had to come up with a way to send people out of there with to go orders.

We were down to six chicken pasties left and 10 minutes left in the night when a lady stopped by and bought all of them for some men working at her house putting in a septic system for her. It was an amazing night and I can’t thank everyone enough.

Our brother Kevin put together an awesome flyer that was put out at several of the local stores. I have to believe that had something to do with the success.

Well this was short and sweet, but I just wanted to get this up and running again. Remember if you know anyone that is looking for a hall rental to get a hold of us. Brother Kevin is working on the website to make it more interactive. Until the next time.

Pasty Sales

Typically held on the third Friday of each month. One full pound of heavenly pasty goodness!